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The Motivation and Emotion Association (AME) is a non profit-making organisation set up on 6 May, 2000, as the result of a meeting held in Valencia between eight researchers from different Spanish universities. Although the association is mainly made up by university lecturers, it is nevertheless open to all professionals and, in general, anyone interested in either the basic or applied study of motivation and emotion. AME members share a general interest in the research, teaching and scientific dissemination of the psychology of motivation and emotion, both of which are vital to understanding human behaviour and the basic motives underlying psychological activity. Indeed, the association was set up with the aim of providing a channel of communications, reflection and contact designed to foster debate and discussion on all significant academic and professional progress made in the field of motivation and emotion. The members come together once a year to hold a General Assembly and to date, five symposia have also been organised at the Universities of Castellón (2001), Salamanca (2002), Valencia (2003), Seville (2005) and San Sebastián (2007).

The main objectives of the AME are, in short, to promote the study and scientific dissemination of the psychology of motivation and emotions and to engage in training, cultural and professional activities related to the aforementioned field of study. As is usual in associations of this kind, the AME has a Board of Directors consisting of eight people: a Chairperson, a Deputy Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer and four members. None of these posts are remunerated and the candidates are elected at the General Assembly, the association’s highest ranking body. To be admitted to the AME, potential members must be of legal age, have legal capacity and, above all, must share the association’s interest in the achievement of its ultimate aims.

Asistentes al V Simposio de la AME. San Sebastián, 2007